Chamber Information

Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce

Our Purpose

Mission Statement: The Morehead Chamber of Commerce, Inc., is organized for the purpose of advancing the commercial, industrial, civic, educational, and general interest of Morehead and Rowan County. As we have arrived to the new millennium, the Chamber of Commerce has re-evaluated its purpose. As an arm of the business community, it is ultimately the purpose of the Chamber of Commerce to indeed advance the commercial, industrial, civic, educational, and general interest of Morehead/Rowan County, but it is also the purpose of the Chamber of assist in training future leadership.

Member Services

  •  Listing on the community  website with member promotions and linking capability.
  •  Weekly community news and updates sent directly to you.
  •  New member announcement and promotions.
  •  Monthly luncheon meetings covering topics of state, federal and local interest.
  •  Opportunity to participate in the yearly Chamber Leadership Academy in which future 
         leaders of our community participate in training, and are provided networking opportunities
         with leaders in our area.
  •  Large, new community project each year with lasting benefits to our area.
  •  Networking opportunities at large gatherings such as luncheons, annual banquet, golf 
         outings, etc.
  •  Clearinghouse for Chamber member events.
  •  Cooperative and progressive working relationship with Morehead-Rowan County Economic Development  
         Council, Morehead Tourism Commission, Morehead Tomorrow and City, County and State Government.
  •  Promote and assist organization with Grand Openings/Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies.
  •  We publish the Morehead-Rowan County Magazine for Chamber membership promotions.
  •  Facilitate discussion on Community issues.
  •  Partner to bring insightful trainings.
  •  Facilitate cooperative efforts between organizations/businesses for events/common goals.
  •  Always working to make Morehead and Rowan County more business friendly.
  •  Chamber works on many issues and with many entities to strengthen our workforce.
  •  Source to call for any questions regarding our area.
  •  Provide legislative updates that are important to you.
  •  Involved in all aspects of the community.
  •  Recommend everyone to our chamber members for product and services!

The Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce was established in March of 1955 and working as strong as ever to help Morehead and Rowan County be the best it can be!

Make a difference now by becoming involved with your
Morehead-Rowan County Chamber of Commerce!

Chamber Membership Investment Schedule

General Business, Industry and Agriculture 

Code             # of Employees                   

1                      Individual          $ 55.00

2                        01-05                110.00

3                        06-10                154.00

4                        11-20                214.00

5                        21-35                275.00

6                        36-50                357.00

7                        51-75                500.00

8                       76-100               605.00

9                      101-200              825.00

10                   over 200            825.00 + 1.25/emp.


z z z z

11 Hotels/Motels                          $4.30/room

12 Civic Organizations                $ 70.00

13 Churches                                  $ 55.00

14 Charitable Organizations     $  27.00

1 5 Utilities                                    $500.00

16 Depository Institute            $  10.00/ million assets

17 Real Estate                              $220.00

18 Fraternities &  Sororities     $  22.00